Company Incorporation Price With Full Package

Company registration package include:

  • FREE 1st Company Name Search Application At Companies Commission Malaysia
  • Original Company Certificate of Incorporation (Form 9)
  • Company First Director Meeting
  • (Documents Duly Certified By The Authorized & Qualified Company Secretary)
  • 5 Copies of the Company Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • 5 Copies of the Form 9 (Company Certificate Of Incorporation)
  • 5 Copies of the Form 24 (Company Shareholders Particulars)
  • 5 Copies of the Form 44 (Company Registered Office Particulars)
  • 5 Copies of the Form 49 (Company Director, Manager & Secretaries Particulars)
  • Resolution For Opening Company Current Bank Account
  • STATUTORY BOOK (Companies Act 1965) (Will be Keeping In The Company Registered Office)
  • 1 Set Of Company Pre-Printed Shares Certificates Book
  • 1 Set Of Company Common Seal
  • 1 Set Of Company Minute Book
  • The Minute Books of proceedings of General Meetings and meetings of its directors and of its managers (if any) (Section 156)
  • 1 Set Company Register Book
  • The Company Register Of Members (Section 158)
  • The Company Register Of Directors, Managers And Secretaries (Section 141)
  • The Company Register Of Debenture Holders (Section 70)
  • The Company Register Of Charges (Section 115)
  • The Company Register of Accounts (Section 167)
  • The Company Register Of Substantial Shareholdings, Debentures and interests (Section 69L)

Our fees included the preparation and filling of company documentations and updating of related forms.In the event of a rejected name search application, an additional fee of RM 50.00 per search is applicable.Get your FULL PACKAGE when you incorporate your company with us.

New Company Registration Fee & Package

Authorized capital start from RM 400,000 and paid up capital minimum start is 2 unit of shares.

Matters Fee Duration
1st Name Company Search Application
(Payable To Company Commission Malaysia)
RM 30.00 5 – 7 Days
Stamping Of Company Memorandum
(Payable To Malaysia Inland Revenue)
RM 100.00
Stamping Of Company & Articles Of Association
(Payable To Malaysia Inland Revenue)
RM 100.00
Registration Fees To Company Commission Malaysia
(Payable To Company Commission Malaysia)
RM 1000.00
Appointment Of Director
(Affirmation Fee And Stamp Duty For Statutory Declaration Payable To Commissioner For Oath For 2 Directors)
RM 10.00
5 Sets Of Company Documents
(Duly Certified By Company Secretary):-
Memorandum & Articles
Form 9 (Certificate Of Incorporation)
Form 24 (Particulars Of Shareholders Of The Company)
Form 44 (Particulars Of The Company Registered Office)
Form 49 (Particulars Of Director & Secretary Of The Company)
First Director Meeting Of The Company
Resolution For Opening Company Current Account
RM 100.00
Purchase Of Company Statutory Books:-
Company Minute Book
Company Register Book
Company Share Certificates
Company Common Seal
RM 120.00
Miscellaneous Charges Fee (Inclusive Transportation, Telephone, Facsimile, Photocopying, E-mail ETC) RM200.00
Professional Fee RM 540.00
Yearly Retainer Fees (RM 60.00 x 12 Months) RM 720.00
All In Company Registration Service Fee RM 2920.00

Payment Method

Payment Method Bankers Name Receivers Account Number
Cash, Bank Draft
Cheque, Money Order
Transfer Swift
Public Bank Berhad DM Corporate Holding (M) Sdn.Bhd 3811766201