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  • Please provide the company name you want to apply.
  • Copy of identity card if applicant is a Malaysian citizen and passport copy if foreign citizen.
  • Describe the business activities to be conducted at least 1 and not more than 3 business activities.
  • Deposit payment for a name search application of RM200.00 must be paid in advance.
  • If the company name search result fails then an additional fee of RM80.00 will be charged for the purpose of the company’s new name application.
  • Upon approval of the company’s name then the next step is to register the name as a company.
  • Basically the company name search results take 1-3 working days.


To enable your company to be registered, please submit the following information: –

  • Provide the latest residential address in Malaysia for each director and shareholder of the company. Residential address in Malaysia is mandatory for both Malaysian citizens and foreign nationals.
  • Copy of the directors’ identification card and shareholders if they are a Malaysian citizen and a copy of the passport if they are a foreign national.
  • E. Mail address of each Director and Holder of the Company.
  • Telephone and mobile phone numbers of each Director and the Company’s Shareholders.
  • The main business address of the company.
  • Name of company shareholder.
  • Percentage of shares to be held by shareholders.
  • The number of share units to be held by shareholders.
  • The total amount of share contributions by each shareholder must be credited into the company’s account.
  • The balance payment must be fully paid to enable your company to be registered with the Registrar of Companies Malaysia.
  • Basically the company registration will be completed within 3- 5 working days.

Note: Directors and shareholders should notify the company’s secretary if there is any change of information to enable the Company Secretary to update the company’s current members and officers of the Companies Commission of Malaysia.


  • Provide the name of the bank where the company intends to open the current account to the company secretary for the purpose of preparing a resolution to open the company’s bank account.
  • Provide the company’s signature checker’s name to company secretary.
  • Provide information on the method that will be applied in the banking system.
  • The company’s documents, bank resolutions and identity card copies must first be confirmed by the company’s secretary and the directors should be present to the bank to apply for the opening of the company’s account ..
  • Those who are entrusted with the management of the company’s account must carry one original identity card if it is a Malaysian citizen and the original passport if it is a foreign national and a rubber stamp containing the company’s full name and company registration number.

Note: Companies need to acquire individuals or companies who have a current account where the company’s account is to be opened and function to introduce your company to the Bank where the company’s account is to be opened.


Kindly scan and e-mail us the identity card or passport to or by fax to + 603-2770 2527.

Make deposit at least 20% or make full payment to start the process for name search application.

We will inform the status of the company name search result and once we get approval, we will prepare and send the incorporation documents and others related form to you either by courier or via e-mail.

Kindly return back to us the incorporation documents after signed by the board of directors and shareholders together with the remaining payment (if any) to proceed further to register your company at CCM.


1. 1 year appointment of company secretary.

2. Package include 5 sets documents duly certified by the secretary.

3. Companies Constitution (if any)

4. Section 14 – Application for registration of a company

5. Section 15 – Notice of registration

6. Section 201 – Declaration by a person before appointment as director, or by a promoter before incorporation of corporation.

7. Section 17 – Certificate of Incorporation of private company

8. Section 51 – Register of members

9. Section 58 & 236(2) – Notification of change in the register of directors, managers and secretaries.

10. Bank resolution to open company current account.

11. Included registered Office address for 1 year.

Note: Malaysian citizen and foreign citizenship are allowed to register company in Malaysia.


Will be Kept In The Company Registered Office

1. 1 Set Company Register Book.

2. 1 Set Of Minute Book.

3. 1 Set Of Pre-Printed Shares Certificates Book.

4. 1 Set Of Company Common Seal.

5. Appointment of Directors and shareholders.

6. Appointment of company secretary.


Others statutory duties and secretarial services does not covered inside this packages.

Our company registration price includes FULL PACKAGE with the company documentations and statutory book duly certified by the officer or company secretary.

We will than hand over you the sets of company documents duly certified by the company secretary to start your business operation.

All the above requirements and procedure are bound under The Companies Act,2016.


Kindly made payment to :-

Receivers : DM Corporate Holding (M) Sdn.Bhd

Banker Name : DM Corporate Holding (M) Sdn.Bhd

Account No : 3811766201

Payment Method : Cash, Bank Draft, Cheque, Money Order,

Telegraphic Transfer : Swift Code (PBBEMYKL)